Sweet Siblings

These two really are so much fun together!  They are really starting to play, interact and feed off of each other.  Caroline spit with milk in her mouth the other day and Cooper picked up quite quickly and proceeded to copy her over and OVER again and then they both just died laughing!  Although I'm not encouraging the spitting aspect of it, it is so fun to see them learn and play together!!



My poor poor baby was bitten by ANTS... lots and lots of ants!!  Last week we were playing at the park and one of Caroline's friends was chasing her.  My accident-prone little one tripped over a HUGE ant pile and fell down.  In what was just seconds, ants swarmed all over her body!  If it weren't for my friends and their quick thinking, this would have been much much worse!!  I picked her up and immediately we had to strip her clothes off to get the ants off of her.  It really took quite a while and she ended up with bites all over her!  If you don't live in Texas, you probably have never experienced fire ants.  They are just terrible and swell and puss.  We are hoping they don't leave a scar and so far they have gone down.  Of course Caroline milked it for all it was worth and needed a bandaid on every bite.  She also "could not walk" so she had to sit on the couch and be carried everywhere.  Yep, that's my silly girl...!   :)


5 Years!

Yes, just a few days {weeks} late...
Happy 5 YEAR Anniversary to My Lovely Husband!!

Thank you for everything you do for this family!!  You really are the most self-less person I know!
We had a wonderful evening where we went out to dinner and were home by 9pm.  Absolutely perfect!




My little boy is...

I know I say it over and over, but Cooper is growing up and changing right before my eyes!  It is amazing to see the interaction between him and Caroline and what a little person he has become! I just LOVE it!  He is full of smiles and giggles and has started laughing at everything his sister does.  He started walking at 16 1/2 months and is definitely making up for lost time by now RUNNING!  His favorite thing to do is crawl up on the coffee table and dance as he watches Mickey Mouse.  I know I really should get mad at him and make him get down, but his little smile shows such accomplishment and he really is so proud of himself.  And besides, he's only fallen once...  :)
a typical day at our house...

We had his 18 month check up a couple weeks ago and here is where he stands:
weight: 27.5 lbs  (69th percentile)
height: 33 inches  (68th percentile)
head circumference: 50.5 cm  (97th percentile)

Cooper still is on the bigger side and the doctor was still a little worried about his head size, but we had everything checked out and he is completely fine!  It is just needed to hold all of his smarts!!

In about the last month, Cooper has really started mimicking sounds and tones.  He LOVES calling out for DaDa every time he sees his picture or walks in the door.  

MaMa, DaDa, Uh Oh, Hi, Bye, Dog, Beca, Cheese
Still Signs Please, Thank you and More

Moo = cow, Ah Ah = Monkey, Meeeow = Cat,  Neigh = Horse
Bunnies = Hop, Kangaroos = Jump

He can also point to just about every part of his body:
eyes, ears, nose, mouth, tongue, teeth, hair, fingers, toes, feet, hands, elbows, his favorite - belly button...

Mickey Mouse, Balls of ALL kinds, Cars, Superhero Figurines, Ring around the Rosies, Crawling on Mom & Dad's Bed, Llama Llama Red Pajama

The second he is hungry or thirsty, running errands and occasionally bath time

We couldn't imagine life with out our Super Cooper!  He is still a very smiley and content little boy, however he knows how to scream when he wants something!  He is definitely our tantrum thrower and makes it known when we are out and about running errands!  But he is still cautious as ever and takes a little time to warm up to situations.  He will stay at the top of the playground just thinking about sliding down. Then he sits down and takes quite awhile. Sometimes he turns around and goes back and then occasionally he'll slide down on his stomach, feet first. 

Happy 18 Months my little man!


Cooper and His Girlfriend, Cooper!

Coopster wants to be big SO badly!!  He had so much fun at the TCU game last weekend hanging out with all of the older kids.  Our friend's daughter is adorable, almost 5 and just happens to also be named Cooper!!  She was such a big helper and loved playing with Coop!  He had a BLAST and we definitely appreciated getting to watch some of the game as well!


Thank You, Mom!

What a simple word, yet SO refreshing to hear!  Cooper hasn't started talking, but he now signs thank you all the time!  I will give him something and he will grab my shoulder to get my attention just to tell me "THANK YOU!"  It completely melts my heart and is so genuine.  He not only knows when to say it, but he wants me to know that he is saying it!  I guess when you're dealing with a 3 year old and her attitude, a simple sign of gratitude is much appreciated!



 Caroline is SO into Kitty Cats these days!!  She absolutely LOVES pretending to be baby kitty every day.  This comes complete with crawling on all fours, lots of meows and even wet kisses!  She's just too funny and has such the imagination!!  We used one of our moving boxes and painted her her own kitty house.

 Of course we had to have a picture of Caroline AND Bunny painted on the front.  What kitty house doesn't have those??