Just like Da Da!

Whenever Cooper sees a hat, he immediately starts saying Da Da!  He is just too funny and his personality is really starting to shine!  The other day he grabbed this hat out of his room and put in on backwards.  I got my camera and he was actually "posing" for the pictures!  He would go and stand by the coffee table, smile and then run back to see how he looked.  Oh my sweet sweet boy!



While dropping Caroline off for school last week, I discovered this hanging outside of her classroom.  
To say we are thankful for Caroline and her sweet bond with her brother is an understatement!



It was a GREAT DAY...

Miss Ellie turned 2 and in proper fashion, we had to have a fabulous birthday for her!  What better way to celebrate than with a FRESH BEAT BIRTHDAY??  My sister did an amazing job planning everything out and my mom and I were able to help put the finishing touches on everything!
An adorable drum cake!
 We had:
Jammin' Veggies
The Singing Pizza Cafe
 Marina's Drumsticks
 Rockin' Cupcakes with Microphones on top!
 Each child got a guitar and microphone along with a backstage pass.  Now Caroline keeps telling me she wants to go and buy a pass and meet the REAL Fresh Beats!!
 "We had a Great Day..." Goodie Bags
Groovy Smoothies
 Smoothies with a TWIST - for the Adults
 Hip Hoppin' Popcorn
 Kiki's Kickin' Fruit Salad
2 Kiki's, A Marina and a Shout!

 Uncle TWIST

Hershey, PA

Even though we were not able to make it to New York for the marathon, we were able to shorten our trip and change our tickets to route directly to Pennsylvania.  We spent a quick weekend there, but were able to make some of the always important stops!  
The singing cows are a FAVORITE!  Both kids are still talking about these!
 Caroline didn't understand why the cows did not wave back.

 This boy loves his chocolate!
 Unfortunately Chocolate World was closed, but will re-open in January while we are there!  The kids will have so much fun!

One of the reasons we wanted to be in PA for this weekend was to celebrate Ellie's birthday!  This big girl was turning 2!!  We had a family dinner Friday night and then the party was on Saturday.

 All of the kids were excited to "help" her open her presents!  


Trick or Treat!

Trick or Treating this year was SO much fun!!  With everything going on, we decided just to play it low key and go to several houses in our neighborhood.  We headed out about 7 and the kids had a great time!  They both were so into it and Cooper loved knocking on each door.  He actually even walked into almost every house that we visited.  They chose to be a kitty cat and policeman again {not sure why I even bothered to by costumes!} and got quite a bit of candy!  They sure a growing up!

Halloween Parade

My friend Monica arranged for the kids to parade through the Coppell Nursing Home during their Halloween luncheon.  It was SO cute and turned out really well.  With all of the residents sitting at tables, the kids marched through in a line.  The goal was to have them walk up on stage and then wave and walk off.  Well they were playing the Chicken Dance music and once the kids got on stage, they all just started dancing.  It was adorable and so much fun to watch!  Then we all had lunch outside and enjoyed all of the costumes!  My little policeman stole the show!