Hershey, PA

Even though we were not able to make it to New York for the marathon, we were able to shorten our trip and change our tickets to route directly to Pennsylvania.  We spent a quick weekend there, but were able to make some of the always important stops!  
The singing cows are a FAVORITE!  Both kids are still talking about these!
 Caroline didn't understand why the cows did not wave back.

 This boy loves his chocolate!
 Unfortunately Chocolate World was closed, but will re-open in January while we are there!  The kids will have so much fun!

One of the reasons we wanted to be in PA for this weekend was to celebrate Ellie's birthday!  This big girl was turning 2!!  We had a family dinner Friday night and then the party was on Saturday.

 All of the kids were excited to "help" her open her presents!  

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