Love our Frogs!

Rah Rah TCU!!
TCU Football season has started and so far we have been to both of the home games.  We have season tickets again this year with three other families and have had a wonderful time!  It has been really exciting to cheer on the Frogs now in the Big 12.  The stadium has been redone and is just so beautiful.  It is fun to be back on campus! The kids have gone with us both times and have done pretty well, despite the heat.  The last game was REALLY hot and hard to sit through, but we did make it to half time.  We love our Frogs!


Balloon Festival

Last Sunday morning we decided to head to the Plano Balloon Festival before church.  We had never been and thought the kids would LOVE seeing the balloons go up in the air.  Well it was very east Plano and about 30 minutes away from us.  We might have been a little too ambitious, but they were supposed to have the balloons "glow" at 6:30am and then the actual launch was at 7am.  Well we wanted to make sure we made it on time, so we woke up at 5:30am and left at 6:00am.  Needless to say, the kids were pretty tired.  We got there and couldn't even tell where the balloons were.  They ran about 45 minutes late and it was a little while to wait with cranky kids.  But they did get excited to see the balloons and were able to ride several rides and jump in some bounce houses.

 Caroline was all smiles until the ride actually started.  She got a little scared and we had to stop it.   She was so brave though to go on it alone!
 Cooper hung out in his pajamas all morning.

We made it home in time for Cooper to take a nap and still made it to the 11:15am church service.  We'll probably for sure go again next year, however we will definitely be sleeping in and enjoying the day at the festival!

*Thanks to my wonderful in-laws, I have been able to take pictures again!  My camera isn't quite fixed, but they let me borrow their nice one for the time being.  I'm hoping mine comes quickly!!  Thanks Grandpa and Grandma!


First Day of School

Mother's Day Out Preschool
Teachers: Ms. Micah and Ms. Tessa

Caroline started her second year of Mother's Day Out this year.  Her first day of school was September 4th and she was so excited to have several friends from last year in her class again.  She has never cried when I've dropped her off and this time was no exception.  She ran in the class like a pro and didn't look back.  The only crying I had was from Cooper who didn't want to leave!  As you can tell, Caroline wasn't exactly cooperative taking pictures, but I did manage to get a couple where she was looking my way.  My little one is growing up so quickly and really is such a young lady!

Daddy came home for this special morning!


Caroline's first...

Trip to the ER!
Oh leave it to my child!  The day after we arrived in Vail, Caroline kept complaining that her stomach hurt.  She kept saying she had to go to the bathroom and each time sat on the potty, trying to go for quite a while.   If you know her {and know the time we're having with potty training}, you know she does not do this willingly!  We initially thought she was dehydrated and constipated.  We gave her tons of things trying to help her go, but she never went.  Well, Monday evening we headed to Breckenridge to have family pictures taken and she just faded.  She was not happy at all and definitely not herself!  The photographer's pediatrician was located nearby and after probably 20 minutes of not cooperating at all, we decided we needed to take her.  It was 6pm and the doctor agreed to come into her office to see her.  Well they determined that she wasn't constipated, but the doctor wasn't quite sure what it was.  She said it could either be a bladder infection or appendicitis and that it is hard to tell in little ones and commonly misdiagnosed.  So off we go to the Emergency Room.  Luckily, Breckenridge has a new hospital and was quick to get in!  They got us in a room and started an IV.  It was so hard to watch having my little girl in so much pain!  Thank goodness we had the iPad with us!  The doctor there informed us that there was a 50/50 chance on what it could be.  After drawing blood, her blood work came back inconclusive.  We waited for Caroline to give us a urine sample to determine if she did indeed have a UTI.  If it was her appendix, we would have to go to Children's in Denver and have surgery right away.  They were about to put a catheter in and just then Josh talked her in to going potty!  Thank goodness!  After that, they were pretty certain it was just a UTI.  They gave her antibiotics through her IV and let us go around 11pm.  By the next day she was close to her old self and running around with her cousins.  

If you look closely, you'll see that Caroline has princess bandaids on every one of her fingers.  As we were unpacking the car, she found an iron in the condo, plugged it in and proceeded to TOUCH IT!!  We had blisters on every finger.
Needless to say, she had quite the trip!

And for a sneak peek at our Family Pictures...
Not quite sure these are going to make our Christmas card!:)


Top of the WORLD!

One really neat thing we were able to do while in Vail was to ride the gondola and make it to the top of the mountain!  I had forgotten just how beautiful the state of Colorado is and it was SO wonderful to see the magnificent mountains all around us.  They had different activities for the kids to do at the top and it was neat to walk around. Again, I still only have pictures from my sister, but the neat thing is, I'm in much more of them!  I really do exist!  :)
Best Buds!
Getting all 4 kids to cooperate was quite the task!


The Mountains!

We spent the second half of our trip to Colorado up in the mountains in Vail.  Josh flew back up to meet us and we drove up to the mountains.  Growing up, my grandparents had a time share up here and  I have so many memories of being a kid and going up to Vail with my cousins.  32 years later and they still have the condos!  SO much has changed since I was last up there (probably at least 12 years ago!!) and it was so neat for our children to experience this time with their cousins!

The weather was absolutely perfect and such a refreshing change from Texas!  The air was crisp and cool yet so warm in the hot sun!  It was fabulous!
We spent a lot of time at the wonderful parks the city has to offer!  The kids were in love!
Cooper absolutely LOVED Ellie!  These two are just too funny!
It was great to spend some time with Uncle Andy!
Thank you Grami & Pop Pop!!


The Denver Zoo

One of the highlights of our time in Colorado was going to the Denver Zoo!  This is such an amazing zoo and I have not been in probably over 10 years!!  There was a lot that was the same and then SO much more!  The kids had a great time and were very very tired when we left!  It isn't very common that all 4 children sleep on the hour car ride home!

Cooper showed off his walking skills!