Caroline's first...

Trip to the ER!
Oh leave it to my child!  The day after we arrived in Vail, Caroline kept complaining that her stomach hurt.  She kept saying she had to go to the bathroom and each time sat on the potty, trying to go for quite a while.   If you know her {and know the time we're having with potty training}, you know she does not do this willingly!  We initially thought she was dehydrated and constipated.  We gave her tons of things trying to help her go, but she never went.  Well, Monday evening we headed to Breckenridge to have family pictures taken and she just faded.  She was not happy at all and definitely not herself!  The photographer's pediatrician was located nearby and after probably 20 minutes of not cooperating at all, we decided we needed to take her.  It was 6pm and the doctor agreed to come into her office to see her.  Well they determined that she wasn't constipated, but the doctor wasn't quite sure what it was.  She said it could either be a bladder infection or appendicitis and that it is hard to tell in little ones and commonly misdiagnosed.  So off we go to the Emergency Room.  Luckily, Breckenridge has a new hospital and was quick to get in!  They got us in a room and started an IV.  It was so hard to watch having my little girl in so much pain!  Thank goodness we had the iPad with us!  The doctor there informed us that there was a 50/50 chance on what it could be.  After drawing blood, her blood work came back inconclusive.  We waited for Caroline to give us a urine sample to determine if she did indeed have a UTI.  If it was her appendix, we would have to go to Children's in Denver and have surgery right away.  They were about to put a catheter in and just then Josh talked her in to going potty!  Thank goodness!  After that, they were pretty certain it was just a UTI.  They gave her antibiotics through her IV and let us go around 11pm.  By the next day she was close to her old self and running around with her cousins.  

If you look closely, you'll see that Caroline has princess bandaids on every one of her fingers.  As we were unpacking the car, she found an iron in the condo, plugged it in and proceeded to TOUCH IT!!  We had blisters on every finger.
Needless to say, she had quite the trip!

And for a sneak peek at our Family Pictures...
Not quite sure these are going to make our Christmas card!:)

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  1. Poor thing! So glad she's ok! And I can commiserate with the blistered fingers. Caitlyn decided to touch the stove to see if it was still hot. *sigh*