The Mountains!

We spent the second half of our trip to Colorado up in the mountains in Vail.  Josh flew back up to meet us and we drove up to the mountains.  Growing up, my grandparents had a time share up here and  I have so many memories of being a kid and going up to Vail with my cousins.  32 years later and they still have the condos!  SO much has changed since I was last up there (probably at least 12 years ago!!) and it was so neat for our children to experience this time with their cousins!

The weather was absolutely perfect and such a refreshing change from Texas!  The air was crisp and cool yet so warm in the hot sun!  It was fabulous!
We spent a lot of time at the wonderful parks the city has to offer!  The kids were in love!
Cooper absolutely LOVED Ellie!  These two are just too funny!
It was great to spend some time with Uncle Andy!
Thank you Grami & Pop Pop!!

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