Here we go again…!

So I mentioned it in my last post, but it is true… I am pregnant again!  I really don't know how you are able to forget just how terrible the first trimester is every time, but somehow we decided to do this again!  And yet again, it took quite a while for me to start feeling better.  I am now 18 weeks pregnant and due April 29, 2014.  We could not be more excited and are really anxious to see just who will be joining this family!  Of course Caroline says it's for sure a girl and Cooper is determined that it is a boy. When asked which one I would prefer, I can honestly say that I have no preference whatsoever!  Each one has been so much fun and each one has had their challenges.  And with this one, I'm sure he or she will be completely different either way.  We have entertained the idea of not finding out the gender and have so far gone back and forth on the idea.  My sonogram is scheduled in 3 weeks, so I guess we have until then to decide.  Honestly this pregnancy has just gone so quickly that I am not in that big of a hurry to find out.  I'm just happy to say that so far this peanut is growing normally and healthy!

These two have been working hard learning all of their new duties!


And here we are...

almost 6 months later!!  Ahhhhhh!!!  I can't tell you how many excuses I have for not updating this thing.  I have loved the fact that I have both of my children's lives documents on this blog and it is something I can give them when they are older, hopefully one they will appreciate!  We have been so busy around here - moving into a new house, my computer being frozen and full of many pictures {I had to sort through 40,000 pictures!!  Only 3,000 left...!}, I started teaching preschool in the fall {yep, me a teacher!}, a big trip to Disneyworld and last but definitely not least,  I'm PREGNANT!  {Yep, baby #3 is on its way!}  But truthfully, the one thing that has gotten me to update this blog is that I am so extremely tired of seeing Charlie's house pop up every time I go to look at my blog roll!   We moved into our beautiful house on August 9th and have absolutely LOVED every single second that we have been here.  Building a house from the design phase to the finish is amazing and has given us just about every single thing we wanted!  It was a LOT of work, but definitely proved to be worth every second!!
 One day I'll get around to sharing all of the details as to how we went about planning and picking everything, but for now, these pictures will have to do.  We have spent quite a bit of time in our backyard playing, enjoying our new neighborhood full of kids and just loving being a family of 4 again in our own special space.  Now with the weather changing, all of our big trees are full of yellow, red and orange leaves!  It is just BEAUTIFUL!!  I can not tell you how blessed we really feel!  We did it!!


Moving on!

So we left San Antonio at 6am and headed back to Dallas.  We had to be out of the house we were renting in 2 days and movers were coming on that Sunday.   The house was put on the market May 15th and with 18 showings the first weekend, there were 2 offers the first day!!  The buyers wanted to move in within 30 days!  Our house was taking a little bit longer to build and we ended up with about 9 weeks short with no where to live.  All of our stuff was loaded into two PODs and the rest went with us to Grandmother's where we have now been for about 7 weeks.  We drove the 5 hours home, put the kids down for naps and immediately got to work!  Josh and I worked REALLY hard, but managed to get everything out.

Goodbye Charlie's house!  The end of an era...
Do we really need all of this stuff??

We are NEVER moving again!!

Packing wasn't the easiest with these two around!  It's a good thing they're cute!  Once something was packed, they decided they wanted to play with it and would unpack it.  Sigh...


Uncle Adam turns...

Josh's brother Adam turned 40 in June and to celebrate, we took a trip to the Hyatt Hill Country in San Antonio.  We loaded up the car again and headed down south.  We left as early as possible to take advantage of the great pools and grounds.  Unfortunately, it was raining when we got there.
The kids passed the time with face painting inside the hotel.  

I'm not sure Caroline had any more room to paint once she was done!
Luckily, the sun came out the next day!!  We had a lot of great cousin time and got in a lot of swimming!

Can you spot Josh and Sam???
All the grandkids and Aunt Jo Jo.

The birthday boy!


Back on the road again!

VERY lucky for us, Josh and Paul were able to google our air conditioning problem and fix the car for only $14!!!  What an answer to our prayers!  We left a day early knowing that we were running out of time to pack up our house.  We were fortunate enough to get in touch with our good friends the Keisers  who were vacationing about 2 hours away from us.  They used to live in Texas and are now in Tennessee, so we haven't seen them in quite a few years!  It was great to catch up, great to meet each other's kids and it was also Cynthia's 30th birthday!

We couldn't stay long, so we had to convince the kids to get back in the car and drive the rest of the 11 hours.  Beca got right back on her post!
iPads sure work wonders!
A very welcomed sight!
The whole time driving, we knew what was looming...


Panama City Beach!

It was so much fun to have an entire week in Panama City Beach.  We enjoyed going out to eat, shopping and really just hanging out.  With all 14 of us it wasn't always an easy task, but always an adventure!

Uncle Johnny is so much fun!

Lots of entertaining went on!  Aunt Marcia was a great reader!
It has been a tradition for Grami and Pop Pop to take the kids to Gulf World, sans parents!!  Definitely something I look forward to!  :)  I haven't actually been, but love seeing the pictures!  They talk about the dolphins and fish all the time!

The last night we were there, we did sparklers around the pool!  Poor Cooper was already in bed and missed them, but there's always next year!

Another great year at the beach spent with cousins!  Until next year...!