Moving on!

So we left San Antonio at 6am and headed back to Dallas.  We had to be out of the house we were renting in 2 days and movers were coming on that Sunday.   The house was put on the market May 15th and with 18 showings the first weekend, there were 2 offers the first day!!  The buyers wanted to move in within 30 days!  Our house was taking a little bit longer to build and we ended up with about 9 weeks short with no where to live.  All of our stuff was loaded into two PODs and the rest went with us to Grandmother's where we have now been for about 7 weeks.  We drove the 5 hours home, put the kids down for naps and immediately got to work!  Josh and I worked REALLY hard, but managed to get everything out.

Goodbye Charlie's house!  The end of an era...
Do we really need all of this stuff??

We are NEVER moving again!!

Packing wasn't the easiest with these two around!  It's a good thing they're cute!  Once something was packed, they decided they wanted to play with it and would unpack it.  Sigh...

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