RoAd TrIp #2!!

So just about a month after our first 16 hour road trip of the year to Arizona, we hopped back in the car to venture east this time for our annual Florida Memorial Day trip!  We figured we would skip the hassle of flying and just drive to make things easier.  (If you don't remember, we don't quite have the best of luck!)  Everything was going great as we packed up the car and started out.  It was only 30 minutes in where our air conditioning went out!!  It kind of slowly stopped and then fizzled out.  Then the air was not cold at all!  This is NOT what you want to happen 30 minutes in to a 13 hour drive!!!  Leave it to us!  While only a short distance outside of Dallas, we stopped at a quick fix car place and had them fill the car with coolant.  This seemed to do the job and worked great... for about another 30 minutes!  Then the same thing happened!!  We called our brother in law who knows a great deal about cars and he thought it would be best to keep driving with no AC and they could look at it together in Florida.  The back air seemed to be blowing better so the kids didn't seem too affected, however it was so loud with the windows down and so stifling with them up!  I can't say the trip was really that great and Josh and I might have had our patience tested!
We stopped at Nanny's house in Purvis, MS to break up the drive, arriving here 8 hours later.  We got a good night's sleep!  It was fun to see Nanny and LC and see Purvis for a second time.   The kids could not get enough of Aunt Jenny's Mickey Mouse room!  Cooper even found an all blue Mickey which he fittingly called {would not put down}  "Elephant Mickey!"
 Josh decided we absolutely need a porch swing on our new front porch!
 Nanny cooked us a great breakfast where Uncle Sonny and Debbie joined us and then we ventured over to Aunt Faye's house.  Aunt Faye is Nanny's older sister who just turned 96!  Neither I nor the kids had ever met her.  We had a great time talking to her, hearing stories and listening to her play the piano.  She is still sharp as a tack and a hoot to listen to!

We left town just after 10am for the remaining 5 hours of our trip.  While we turned the car on, every one of us prayed... but we still set out with NO AIR CONDITIONING!

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