32 hours of...

Sound fun?!  Well, we just finished a trip to Phoenix and we drove.  I can tell you that it actually wasn't that bad!  It was 16 hours each way and we did both in a day.  We're more early morning people, so we left about 5am and arrived in Arizona about 8pm.  I can't say I want to do this every day or even every year, but it was worth it for all the fun we got to have!
I held out for four hours before giving the kids the iPads!  An hour after that, one screen cracked and started coming apart... the one I had just had fixed days earlier.   Luckily we were still able to use it and we just had to be careful.  Getting that fixed again is a whole OTHER story!
The most amazing dad who drove ALL 32 hours and flew back and forth so he could work during the week and drive us home.

Josh and I always made fun of people who drove every where and just did not understand why.  Well, we are officially those people!  I guess we should watch what we say because within the next month we have another 12 hour drive planned and then a 5 hour one.  Good thing these kids are so good!!

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