The Lord Has Risen!

We had a wonderful Easter this year!  We started by going to the 9 o'clock service at church, working in the nursery and then headed over to Grandmother's house for a nice Easter lunch.  The day started off really rainy, but the sun was out in full force come afternoon so we were able to have an Easter Egg Hunt!!  Suzanne had hid eggs all over her front yard and there were quite a lot of them!  The kids had a great time!

Cousin Sam sure is the coolest!!  They fought over who got to sit next to him.
And what's better than eggs and presents??  ANIMALS of course!  Grandmother's house sure has lots of those.  These kids were in heaven!

We had been gone all day and didn't make it home until around 4 that day.  This is how both kids spent the car ride home AND the next several hours.
We are so thankful to have such a wonderful reason to celebrate!! 
"He is Risen!  He is Risen Indeed!"

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