Arizona Fun

We arrived in Arizona to celebrate my Aunt Becky getting married!  We arrived a week before the actual wedding day, so we got a lot of time to soak up family!  It is so fun to see all of these cousins grow up together!

Cooper, Kacey and Caroline having fun at a pretty neat train park.
Caroline HAD to make sure she got a picture next to a cactus.  They made sure everyone was aware of the difference between a cactus and cacti.

The last time we visited Fountain Hills was when Caroline was 9 months old.  It was so fun to go back with the kids a little older.  They were able to take full advantage of everything there was to do!  
Just across the street from my parents' condo is a really big park with a lake, a splash park and a big playground.  We visited at least once a day!

The kids loved feeding the ducks!  Pop Pop always came prepared!

Uncle Paul had his own way of "feeding" them.

Cooper was thrilled that the park had these animal statues.  My little OCD boy had to visit them in the same order every time... FROG...
And his favorite of all: GIRAFFE!  Each day we had to take new pictures with the giraffe.
We got to spend a lot of quality time with Gigi Jean and Papa John.  They had the BEST toys at their house!

Of course there was dress up!

We got to meet our NEW cousin, Jayce!  My Aunt Married Wayne and he has a 3 year old little boy.  He fit perfectly in line, 9 months younger than Caroline and 9 months older than Ellie.  Cooper was so excited to have another boy in the family!  He followed him around every where and loved that he had Mickey Mouse and Jake toys!

We were quite the sight to see in a quiet, mostly retired town!

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