Moving on Up!

 One of the perks of Josh's promotion was a new office!!  It took a little while for the move, but he is now has much more space.  We all headed downtown to check it out!  
 Look at that view!!  Okay so the view isn't that different than before... just 3 doors down, but I love looking outside.  I feel like every time I'm downtown there is something new!  From his window you can see the new  Woodall Rogers park.  It is so amazing that you used to only be able to see a highway!
 Of course the best part of the trip was getting to play in Daddy's office!  We just had to spin in the chair!

 We came before all of his diplomas and pictures were hung up, but we still got to come and celebrate.  However, it might be a little while until we're invited back!  :)


the performer!

2-3 year olds Class

I always remember the end of the school year as being so fun with a lot of activities going on.  This year has been no different for us!  Not only did Caroline have her school performance, but she also had her first dance recital!  She has been taking a Mommy and Me Dance class since January at the Coppell YMCA.  Thankfully they did not make the mommies get up there on stage!  :)

I had to wake Caroline up from her nap to get to the Y on time and if you know this child, she is never happy when you do that.  But we worked through it and the second she saw all of the other girls dressed in pink, she perked up and was so excited.  Her hair was just so cute up in a bun!

 This girl thrives with older kids!  She immediately latched on to the big kids and I think her favorite part of the night was getting to run around beforehand with all of the other girls.

Warming up

Cooper did great!  He has to sit through the class every Tuesday and is usually pretty content for an entire hour.  He enjoyed spending some time with Grandmother and Papaw and saw their dances, yet again.
 Caroline was so excited to see that everyone had come to watch her.  She couldn't wait to come and give Cooper a hug!

And with out further ado, the actual dance!  I can't say Caroline liked practicing per se, but she definitely loved performing!


The Graduate

Caroline's last day of Mother's Day Out was yesterday.  We had such a wonderful year and she really loved every minute of it.  Her teachers were so patient and caring and taught her so much.  I can't tell you how many times Caroline would pretend to be Ms. JToy or Ms. Sharon and read us stories or teach us how to write our name on paper.  It was really neat to see how much she picks up and understands and how  much she's grown.
2011-2012 School Picture

To wrap up the year, the school held an end of the year graduation performance.  Caroline's class was the youngest to preform and went first.  She was 1 of 2 kids who actually sang, but did get quite distracted when trying to find us in the audience.  It was so funny to watch and really made us proud to see her up there on stage unafraid.  This girl definitely has some spunk to her!

What a difference a year makes!!

Showing off her work.


So Blessed!

It is such an honor to be the mother to my two little munchkins!  We had a wonderful Mother's Day yesterday that started with both Caroline and Cooper jumping on me in bed.  They were so happy and it was a fun way to wake up... even if it was 6:45am.  :)  We headed downstairs to find this!
Josh made some wonderful french toast, Caroline "helped" me eat my funny face fruit and I still have hot pink roses to decorate my table.  We had a very low key and relaxing day and just spent time as a family.  
Happy Mother's Day to all of you wonderful Mother's out there!!


Who can resist...

a man in a tux???
 Josh had a big real estate event Thursday night; one in which he had to dress in a tuxedo!  I just love the look of a tux!  Josh hates it when he is away from the kids and because he leaves for work so early in the morning, if he has something at night, he doesn't see them all day.  So instead of going straight to the event, he came home to spend a little time with them.  I couldn't help snapping these pictures.  It was just so cute to see Josh on the floor playing with Caroline and Cooper while all dressed up.


GREAT Grandma Tilli

At 7:30 pm last night Heaven received it's newest and quite possibly it wisest angel!  My Great Grandma Tilli went home to be with the Lord and I can guarantee she is smiling down on all of us just so proud!  She lived a wonderful 103 years and was so full of life and energy up until the end.  We had the honor of visiting with her in December and Caroline and Cooper were able to meet their GREAT GREAT Grandma for the first time!  What a pure joy to be able to share them with her.  Although this situation is the best death can ever be, it is still sad.  She has just always been here and I think I just took it for granted thinking that she always would be!

These pictures somewhat got buried with all of the Christmas pictures and winter activities that we did and I never had a chance to post them.  I had been meaning to past date a blog post and just slip these in but I now know that this is where they should be!  What wonderful memories to be able to highlight the life of Great Grandma Tilli!

My favorite memory of Tilli is from probably 20 years ago when my uncle got married in Hawaii and we shared a condo with her and my grandfather.  She was out on the balcony sunbathing in a bikini!!  At somewhere in her 80's, that is definitely not the norm!  :)  While speaking with her last December, we also started talking about my grandpa.  While he died at the age of 88, she still got tears in her eyes and just kept saying "He just died too young and had so much more life to live!".  It was a really special moment.

 We love you!!  You will definitely be missed, but not forgotten!