Moving on Up!

 One of the perks of Josh's promotion was a new office!!  It took a little while for the move, but he is now has much more space.  We all headed downtown to check it out!  
 Look at that view!!  Okay so the view isn't that different than before... just 3 doors down, but I love looking outside.  I feel like every time I'm downtown there is something new!  From his window you can see the new  Woodall Rogers park.  It is so amazing that you used to only be able to see a highway!
 Of course the best part of the trip was getting to play in Daddy's office!  We just had to spin in the chair!

 We came before all of his diplomas and pictures were hung up, but we still got to come and celebrate.  However, it might be a little while until we're invited back!  :)

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