the performer!

2-3 year olds Class

I always remember the end of the school year as being so fun with a lot of activities going on.  This year has been no different for us!  Not only did Caroline have her school performance, but she also had her first dance recital!  She has been taking a Mommy and Me Dance class since January at the Coppell YMCA.  Thankfully they did not make the mommies get up there on stage!  :)

I had to wake Caroline up from her nap to get to the Y on time and if you know this child, she is never happy when you do that.  But we worked through it and the second she saw all of the other girls dressed in pink, she perked up and was so excited.  Her hair was just so cute up in a bun!

 This girl thrives with older kids!  She immediately latched on to the big kids and I think her favorite part of the night was getting to run around beforehand with all of the other girls.

Warming up

Cooper did great!  He has to sit through the class every Tuesday and is usually pretty content for an entire hour.  He enjoyed spending some time with Grandmother and Papaw and saw their dances, yet again.
 Caroline was so excited to see that everyone had come to watch her.  She couldn't wait to come and give Cooper a hug!

And with out further ado, the actual dance!  I can't say Caroline liked practicing per se, but she definitely loved performing!

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  1. Caroline did such an awesome job Kristen! She is such a cutie and the only little one who actually danced. You have to be one proud momma! I just love dance recitals! Headed to one this weekend!

    Brandi Stoller