The Graduate

Caroline's last day of Mother's Day Out was yesterday.  We had such a wonderful year and she really loved every minute of it.  Her teachers were so patient and caring and taught her so much.  I can't tell you how many times Caroline would pretend to be Ms. JToy or Ms. Sharon and read us stories or teach us how to write our name on paper.  It was really neat to see how much she picks up and understands and how  much she's grown.
2011-2012 School Picture

To wrap up the year, the school held an end of the year graduation performance.  Caroline's class was the youngest to preform and went first.  She was 1 of 2 kids who actually sang, but did get quite distracted when trying to find us in the audience.  It was so funny to watch and really made us proud to see her up there on stage unafraid.  This girl definitely has some spunk to her!

What a difference a year makes!!

Showing off her work.

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