GREAT Grandma Tilli

At 7:30 pm last night Heaven received it's newest and quite possibly it wisest angel!  My Great Grandma Tilli went home to be with the Lord and I can guarantee she is smiling down on all of us just so proud!  She lived a wonderful 103 years and was so full of life and energy up until the end.  We had the honor of visiting with her in December and Caroline and Cooper were able to meet their GREAT GREAT Grandma for the first time!  What a pure joy to be able to share them with her.  Although this situation is the best death can ever be, it is still sad.  She has just always been here and I think I just took it for granted thinking that she always would be!

These pictures somewhat got buried with all of the Christmas pictures and winter activities that we did and I never had a chance to post them.  I had been meaning to past date a blog post and just slip these in but I now know that this is where they should be!  What wonderful memories to be able to highlight the life of Great Grandma Tilli!

My favorite memory of Tilli is from probably 20 years ago when my uncle got married in Hawaii and we shared a condo with her and my grandfather.  She was out on the balcony sunbathing in a bikini!!  At somewhere in her 80's, that is definitely not the norm!  :)  While speaking with her last December, we also started talking about my grandpa.  While he died at the age of 88, she still got tears in her eyes and just kept saying "He just died too young and had so much more life to live!".  It was a really special moment.

 We love you!!  You will definitely be missed, but not forgotten!

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