Go Go Go!

 Cooper is on the move!!  He is not quite walking, but getting SO close!  He has been crawling for about the last 2 months, but for some reason I haven't found time to write about it.  {I was probably too busy pulling him out of cabinets and moving him back into the living room instead.}  We stopped his therapy at the end of April and were overall pleased with the improvement. We knew he was getting the hang of things and it definitely helped his motivation to move, so we decided to work with him on our own from there.  Now he is all over the place!  He still likes to stick close to his Mama, but does venture off quite a bit more.  He quickly gets around the house cruising on furniture and walks while holding our fingers.  He is much closer to walking and I can't say that my arms are complaining.  At probably somewhere around 26 pounds, we are ready!!  :)

 Okay Mom, that's enough!

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