School's OUT!

Another year behind this little girl!  Time just goes TOO fast!! Caroline's 2nd year of preschool came to an end in May.  She started out at MacArthur Baptist and we switched her to Northwest Bible (our church) in January due to our move.  She did GREAT and didn't skip a beat!  She quickly made friends with everyone in the class and loved going every school day.  She learned quite a bit more at her new school and finished knowing how to write almost all of her letters, as well as her name.  It was also really neat that she got to see most of her classmates on school days, in the nursery at church and also at choir, so our weeks were full of friends!

Caroline got to take cupcakes on the last day of school to celebrate her summer birthday.  She picked out ones with hot pink frosting and princess hearts on top.
Here are two of a kind!  Caroline and her best friend Madie.
SO proud of our little girl!  She really has grown into a beautiful person both inside and out!

We love you big 3 year old!!  Off to the 4 year old class for now!

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