the BEACH!!

5 hours of driving later... we made it to Panama City Beach Florida!!  Somewhere near Destin, Josh and I may have wanted to throw each other out the window, but we blame that on traffic and no air conditioning!  We pushed through and arrived at our house only to find this:
Ahhhhhh!!!  Absolute PARADISE!

We quickly forgot about the car and decided just not to drive it for a while.  :)  Everyone else arrived late that night so we had a little time to ourselves to explore the beach and get the house ready.  This year my Aunt and Uncle and cousins came too!!  They rented another house across the street that was really close.  We had a BLAST!!  It was so much fun having all of the kids together who could play and entertain themselves.  This time we were only missing Uncle Andy!  Both Josh and Paul stayed the entire week and we all were not pregnant or with newborns, so the trip was a lot more relaxing and enjoyable!

Of course we had LOTS of beach time!

 2 mermaids and an Octopus before the tide came in!  (And an Ellie in the background refusing to touch the sand!)

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