Colorado and COUSINS!

We spent a good chunk of the month of August in Colorado with my family.  Josh was such a trooper!!  He drove us through the night on Thursday, August 9th and with 2 1/2 hours of sleep, worked a full day on Friday!  He stayed with us until Sunday and then flew home to work for the week.  He flew back on the next Saturday and stayed for a week up in the mountains, to then drive us home again the following weekend.  Man, what a whirlwind!  But we are finally back and finally getting back into the swing of things... and now it's Fall!!  When did that happen??

The kids did great in the car and were so excited to see Grami and Pop Pop!!  I haven't been home very often when there isn't a big event, so I wanted to make sure I used the most of my time!  We spent timing visiting Great Grandparents and family and I was also able to see my friends from high school that I don't get to see very often.  It was wonderful!  The von Goertz' join us the next week and we all headed up to Vail for the week.  

We had a such a wonderful trip!  However, I pulled out my camera the first night we arrived only to find that it would not turn on AT ALL!!  I love taking pictures and love having it available for anything that might come up.  So I have had to borrow all of my sister's pictures from the vacation.  At least I do have some pictures!
Cinderella and LADY BUG GIRL!

Kisses for Ellie!
Movie Time!  Complete with pajamas, blankets and individual popcorn bags!

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  1. I LOVE her Ladybug Girl ensemble! We missed you guys!!