I got really tired of keeping our house clean for showings and not being able to have anyone over for what seems like forever!!  So to remedy that, I thought what better than to host a Halloween party for the Mom's club?!!  Well, we had quite a few little kids dressed up and enjoyed the morning with snacks, crafts, toys and not to mention CANDY!  We had this on the Friday before Halloween so all of the kids were really excited to finally be able to wear their costumes!  (That is for everyone except Cooper...)
 Miss Zoe!
 Bam Bam driving his car
 Little Emma the Gnome
Our crafts were a hanging ghost and sticker pumpkins
 Hard at Work
 Batgirl was really focused

 Elmo and his Mommy

 Leave it to Caroline and Andre
These are my favorite type of pictures!  Josh would have a HEART ATTACK if he actually saw the house "during" playtimes!  :)  And this definitely wasn't everyone...

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