Fall Fun Festival

Our church holds a Fall Fun Festival every year several days before Halloween and it keeps getting bigger and bigger!  Every year has become more fun for us as well because the kids are getting older and can really enjoy all of the activities!  This year they visited all of the animals in the petting zoo, bounced and bounced and bounced in many bounce houses, rode ponies and ate LOTS of candy!

 The Lastovica's and an adorable little ladybug joined us!

Cooper LOVES Mickey Mouse, so I thought it was only fitting to get him a Mickey Mouse costume for Halloween.  Well, this picture represents the entire 5 minutes that he kept it on {with or without the Mickey head!}  It wasn't until right before we left for the festival that I remembered that I had bought a Police Uniform on clearance last year after Halloween.  It was a little big, but we rolled up the sleeves and he made the cutest little cop you have ever seen!

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