My poor poor baby was bitten by ANTS... lots and lots of ants!!  Last week we were playing at the park and one of Caroline's friends was chasing her.  My accident-prone little one tripped over a HUGE ant pile and fell down.  In what was just seconds, ants swarmed all over her body!  If it weren't for my friends and their quick thinking, this would have been much much worse!!  I picked her up and immediately we had to strip her clothes off to get the ants off of her.  It really took quite a while and she ended up with bites all over her!  If you don't live in Texas, you probably have never experienced fire ants.  They are just terrible and swell and puss.  We are hoping they don't leave a scar and so far they have gone down.  Of course Caroline milked it for all it was worth and needed a bandaid on every bite.  She also "could not walk" so she had to sit on the couch and be carried everywhere.  Yep, that's my silly girl...!   :)

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