Cooper just ended his first season of soccer!  He has looked forward to playing since Caroline did a year ago and so we decided to sign him up through the Small Fry soccer at the YMCA. They can start playing when they're 3 and we thought it would be a good introduction for him.  They had 3 "practices" and then 3 days of scrimmages.

We showed up the first day and the first thing the referee asked was "okay, who's the coach?"  It was a random group where we only had 1 other friend on the team, so Spencer stepped up and volunteered Josh to help coach the Team Pizzas. It was pretty funny at first, but Josh did a great job coaching and ended up liking it quite a bit!  You can imagine what it is like having 10 three year olds out on the field, but somehow they made it work!

 Cooper really liked the "idea" of soccer and enjoyed saying he played, but really hadn't shown that much interest in the game. Josh told him that if he scored a goal, he could pick out anything he wanted from Toys R Us. (Nice parenting, right?)  Well, after the first goal of the first game was scored for The Pizzas, Cooper cried because it wasn't him!  Not quite the teamwork we were going for, but he started understanding what needed to be done.  Unfortunately I missed the last game because the rest of the family was sick, but he did GREAT!!  He was trying really hard, running up and down the field and in the end, HE SCORED A GOAL!!  He was smiling from ear to ear and SO excited!!  Josh made good on his promise and took him to Toys R Us that day. You can bet that he already knew what he wanted and you can bet he took advantage of the "ANYTHING you want" part of it!  And of course it was going to involve elephants!  They came home with the $60 FAO Schwartz Noah's Ark that he had been eyeing.  Josh is such a push over and just couldn't say no,  ;). So yes, now we have yet another Noah's Ark toy and more stuffed animals!  But we couldn't be more proud and Cooper deserved it!  He did such a great job!


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