Easter Festivities

We had so many festivities leading up to Easter!  Caroline wasn't quite sure what to do at the first egg hunt, but it didn't take long.  By the second one, she had it down and was quite the little egg finder!

Our favorite TCU activity has to be the Egg Hunt!  We couldn't miss this and headed to Fort Worth for the day.  We rocked our purple and got to participate in so much more this year!  Caroline would not go close to the Easter Bunny, but wasn't afraid at all of Super Frog.  

 Caroline got her face painted and chose a frog... a pink frog of course!

 Checking out their loot.
 Amanda and CoCo came to join us... CoCo was quite the hit!
 Best Pals!
 Grandmother joined us at the Grapevine Easter festival.

 The Mom's Club hosted a fundraiser with a breakfast with the Easter Bunny.  Caroline steered clear of this one as well, but Cooper sat on his lap like a champ!
Our last egg hunt was with the Mom's Club.  Caroline had quite a bit of practice so she knew just what to do at this one!  She got a LOT of eggs and had so much fun with all of her friends.

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