Wouldn't you know it?  All I wanted to do for Easter this year was get one picture where all of us were still dressed up and looking nice.  Well, this one is about the best {and only} one we got!  It was so hard to get Caroline to stop playing with Sam and sit still for 1 second!

We had a wonderful Easter and after church, spent the afternoon at Adam and Julie's.  Julie had a wonderful lunch and everyone had a great time celebrating Jesus and that he died for us!  The kids played and played and even had yet another egg hunt!

Caroline and Cooper awoke to eggs outside of the doors to their rooms.  There was a trail that led downstairs to our entire living room and dining room full of eggs.  Caroline sure caught on to the whole idea of an egg hunt, but did "help" Cooper find some for himself.  I didn't feel like I did a very good job of explaining the reason behind Easter to the kids and really want to be particular about this in the years to come.  It is such a neat holiday, and one that I am truly thankful and blessed for, but it is hard to explain to little ones.  I am  hoping we can be more purposeful about it in the future!

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