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One day I have promised myself that I am going to go back and blog about every event that I have left off of this blog.  One day I am going to dump all of those thousands of pictures I have taken of my children and our lives and write about them.  One day I am going to do it even though they are just iPhone pictures and even though they aren't the best.  One day I hope… but today is not that day!  I feel like I remember so much of the past 5 years because of what I wrote about it and I just hate that I'm so far behind.  But, in hopes of starting somewhere, I decided to jump right in with the present and share Caroline's first day of KINDERGARTEN!!  We now are 4 days in and she seems to be loving it!
Caroline started school on August 25th at Mohawk elementary school.  This is such a sweet little school and has already turned out to be so great!  All of the moms and families are so kind and caring and very, very involved.  We had a popsicle picnic to meet all of the kindergarten teachers the week before, as well as a back to school night.  Caroline doesn't really know that many kids in the neighborhood, but we are excited to meet them!

Mrs. Henderson is Caroline's teacher and is new to the school this year.  She seems very sweet!
8:00am came quite a bit quicker than we imagined it to in the morning and we hurried to take pictures!  Lots of grand ideas, but not lots of time!
 How can she really be this big???  We are so delighted to be her parents!

 Cooper was still sleeping when we were about to leave and she insisted that he wake up and be in the pictures… hence the Hulk jammies!  There was no way Carter was waking up!
 It was so convenient that Grami was here helping move in the von Goertz's!  It worked out great that she was able to bring Ellie over and stay with the boys while we took Caroline in to school by herself.
We drove to the school, but ended up walking quite a ways.  We are not far from the school and maybe should have just walked...

 Such a big girl with her own locker!
 Class of 2027, here we come!!!
 Hooray for a successful day and to a successful year!!

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