3 year old Preschool!

And just like that, another one is off!  Cooper enjoyed a great first day of preschool at a new school this year.  He is attending Waterview Christian Preschool and is in Ms. Cheryl and Ms. Rosalyn's class.  He  is in the same class as his cousin Ellie and he loved every minute of it!  No tears from this boy!
Of course we got a picture next to the Noah's Ark and of course there are elephants on there!!  This made for one happy kid!
Our 3 year old big boy!!

Ice cream was definitely in order to end a great first day!!  
Lucky to still have one little guy at home with me!
I'm still working on creating some sort of routine!  Cooper's gone 2 days and Caroline's gone 5, but it seems we are busier than ever!  It seems as if I'm always shuttling someone around!  

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