15 months!

My baby is not a baby anymore and I am just going to have to keep reminding myself that!  Cooper had his 15 month check up a little while ago and had to get some more of his shots.  He was such a trooper and stayed strong with his big sister by his side!!  She insisted on holding his hand and kept whispering that it was going to be all right.  What a big help!  Cooper is not quite walking, but close and not really talking either.  He is still such a content little boy, but it starting to get frustrated because he can't quite get or express what he wants.  We are working on these and hopefully will be walking and talking in no time!  Here is where he ranks:

weight:  25 lbs.  9 oz.  (62nd percentile)
height:  31.75 inches  (66th percentile)
head circumference:  50 cm  (98th percentile)

He is still my precious and sweet little boy who loves to cuddle!  I just love it!

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