Wow!  We have been SO crazy since May and I'm honestly not sure where the time has gone.  We had a contract on our house, frantically found a place to move, decided to build a house and then the buyers backed out.  So now we have decided to continue with the build process, but have gone back to square one with selling our house.  Whew!  With all that being said, I am just now posting about our annual Florida vacation!  We went to Panama City Beach over Memorial Day weekend, like we have done for the past 2 years.  We had a great time and it has been so much fun to see the kids grow and enjoy it more and more.  Cooper was only 7 weeks old last year so to say that it was a challenge is an understatement!

We had an early morning flight Friday and headed for the airport at 5:30 am.  We got everyone checked in, through security and seated on the plane when they came on the loudspeaker announcing that there were mechanical problems and everyone had to de-plane.  Well, traveling with children is not an easy task, so we decided to let everyone else get off first and then we would follow.  Once we exited we found a line wrapping around the gate with people trying to rebook tickets.  Needless to say, we were at the end.  With the very unorganized manner and two children pulling at both of our legs, Josh spent 2 1/2 hours on the phone only to find out that there were NO flights anytime soon that we would be able to get on.  We were willing to fly into somewhere else and then drive, but being a holiday weekend, we had no luck.  Our last option was to get in the car and just start driving... SO, after 5 hours at the airport, we took the bus back to the parking lot, got our car and headed out on a 13 hour adventure!  The kids did GREAT and were amazing, but our favorite story is where we were sitting in stopped Dallas traffic {15 miles from our home} and Caroline says "Daddy, I don't know want to sit in this seat anymore!".  We all had a good laugh and told her she needed to get comfortable!  All I can say is I do not know how our parents managed car rides with OUT iPads!

There was LOTS of swimming...

LOTS of beach time...  {with unfortunately little pictures}

LOTS of fun...

and most importantly, LOTS of good family time!

 We are SO glad that cousin Maddy joined us!!  She made the trip truly special!

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