Caroline turns T.H.R.E.E.!

Anyone who lives in this house knows that Caroline LOVES Ladybug Girl!!  Her birthday party theme was inspired by the Ladybug girl books who feature a little girl who is usually forced to make her own fun.  Who does she become?  None other than LADYBUG GIRL!  Ladybug girl saves ants in distress, jumps through shark-infested puddles and even skips along the dark, twisty tree trunk - all by herself!  It doesn't matter what anyone says, Ladybug girl is definitely not too little!  I couldn't sum up my "big" 3 year old any better and wanted to celebrate HER with this very special day!
 July in Texas is REALLY hot!  There are not too many options outside to have a party and because we do have a pool, we had a pool party for the 3rd year in a row.  It might be repetitive, but there really is no better way to entertain a bunch of toddlers!  We had a great time and shared this special birthday with so many special friends!  We loved having everyone over to party!

 For party favors, we gave bug jars with live lady bugs!!  Grami and Pop Pop had the pleasure of filling the jars and had quite a fun time "wrangling" all of the little creatures.  We had them everywhere!!  If you're ever in need of live lady bugs, you can order 1500 of them on Amazon!  They're cheap and delivered quickly to your front door!  :)

 The Slip N Slide was a big hit!

Grami and Pop Pop were able to join us all the way from Colorado!  

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