Princess and Papa Winter Ball

Josh and Caroline attended a Father/Daughter dance the other weekend and had a wonderful night enjoying each other!  Caroline and I spent the day getting pedicures and her hair cut and then we curled her hair and she was even allowed to wear a little "make up" to the event!  She chose to wear her Cinderella wedding dress to the ball and danced the night away!

Caroline had Traveling Bear from school, so she accompanied her getting ready and also posed for some pictures!
Check out those moves!

Caroline didn't know anyone at the dance, but managed to make friends quite quickly!  She had groups of girls dancing together and was the ring leader of it all!  Apparently most of the dads just stood and watched.  I'm amazed at how well this little girl can make friends and how easy it is for her to get kids to follow her.  It is definitely a gift and one we pray she uses to always include everyone.

Cheers to a wonderful daughter and amazing father!

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