A Colorful World!

While Josh and Caroline were on their Daddy and Daughter date, Cooper and I had a night to ourselves!  We went out to eat at a restaurant we had never been to, Mooyah, and enjoyed hamburgers and shakes.  On the wall next to the booth where we sat, there were big cow pictures.  Cooper LOVED them and kept pointing to them.  While we were talking, I started asking him what color each cow was.  Mind you, this kid really hasn't said many words before, but he blurted out the right answers on every one of them!  He really keeps things in and waits until he gets them perfectly right to show us he can do something!  Since then he talks non-stop and has quite the vocabulary!  Who knows what else is going on in that little head of his?!  :)  Just yesterday I was asking Caroline what the opposite of short was.  She was rattling off the "wrong" answers, thinking she was funny, and Cooper answered  so matter of factly - "tall"!  My little smarty pants!

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