That's right!  I turned 30 on March 8th!  I'm not sure where all the years went!  I read a quote that said "I still feel like I'm 18... that is until I see 18 year olds!"  This is exactly how I feel!  At times it seems like just yesterday I was a teenager or in college and then at other times, those moments feel so far away!  I have to say that I am very happy to be where I am and am so thankful for my wonderful little family!  Josh surprised me the weekend before my birthday with my mom showing up at our front door!  She came into town to come and stay with the kids while we went away for the weekend!!  A very nice and needed surprise!!

We celebrated a little early a day early with everyone at home...

And then we got on an airplane for sunshine and beach to beautiful Playa del Carmen!
The room was amazing!!
We were greeted with this on the first day.
Every room had individual hammocks on the balconies.  Pure heaven!

The pool was amazing!
We each finished an entire book!  I can't remember the last time I was able to say that!

There was a pedestrian street market just steps from our hotel where we spent a lot of time walking and shopping.  It was really neat to see all of the people out and about.

The best part of the trip was probably going to sleep early and sleeping ALL night!  Much much needed!

It was SO hard to say goodbye!!
Definitely an unforgettable way to enter into a new decade!
Thank you to an amazing husband!!

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