A WILD Time!

We celebrated Cooper's 2nd birthday just over a month ago with what other than... A Jungle Themed Party {featuring Elephants, of course!}  We decided to keep it pretty small because we weren't sure how many people would fit in our rental house.  Luckily it was a really nice day and we were able to be outside.

My little safari guide!
So many of my serving dishes and pitchers are still packed, but we managed to make do and enjoyed a nice brunch for all of the kids.
Most of the decorations came from things we had around the house.  Believe it or not, we had quite few!
I decided to make a cake at the very last minute and threw it together the night before.  I used a marshmallow fondant recipe that I found here and did my best at creating an elephant.  None the less, he loved it!
I also made the inside have a zebra look to it.  It was surprisingly easy and the kids loved taking turns pouring the batter in!
What does a jungle party need??  A life-sized baby elephant!!  I had really wanted this to be out front to greet all of the guests, but it was just a little too windy.

Caroline insisted on a flamingo shirt.

It was a wonderful day!

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