Easter Party

I got the honor of helping with Caroline's Mother's Day Out Class' Easter party.  It was a lot of fun and so neat to see all of the kids interact.  Her old school didn't have parent helpers, so I was excited to come and bring food!  They don't let younger siblings join, so I was lucky enough to have Josh meet me at the church and then take Cooper for an hour.  It worked out perfectly!  Cooper got to play at a nearby park and I got to spend some time with just Caroline.  Although it wasn't quite Easter, Caroline insisted on wearing her Easter dress.  She had worn it just about every day since Grami had bought it, so I gave in.  I just told her she could not crawl around like a kitty!  :)
I got to sit at her lunch table and she was so excited to have me there!
 She talks about these girls all of the time!
Egg hunt time!
 It's fun having her at our church now and having a lot of the same kids in both school and church.

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