March 15th, 2013...

My  little guy turned 2!!

We started out the day by having to wake Cooper up!  He slept in and we wanted to get to the zoo first thing because it was the Friday of Spring Break.  Of course Caroline offered to help get him up!

Josh stayed home late and spent the morning with us.  We had birthday pancakes and let him open a couple presents.

Then we headed to the ZOO!!  Cooper was SO excited!!  We got there pretty early so it wasn't that crowded until we were leaving.

First stop... the ELEPHANTS of course!

We saw elephants of ALL kinds!

The kids had a great time together and Caroline was so cute about celebrating Cooper on "his" day!
"Yep, that's an elephant RIGHT behind me!"

We ended our trip with a ride on the Merry Go Round.  Caroline picked the Okapi and Cooper {Of course!} went for the elephant!  We had a wonderful day celebrating the last 2 years!!  It sure has FLOWN by!

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