So what do you do when you're nearly a year behind in blogging and you've missed SO many important milestones?  Well, I guess you have to admit to yourself that you just can't do everything and just start where you are.  Between teaching preschool, being pregnant, emptying my iPhoto of almost 40,000 pictures so my computer will work, while ALSO taking care of 2 little munchkins, I have just not found the time.
BUT... with all of that said, we were able to celebrate a special little boys 3rd birthday on Saturday, March 15th!  This was pretty much the first time we hosted a party at our house since we had moved in and the first time I had put enough effort into planning anything.  We had a B.L.A.S.T!!  And the best part is that I think Cooper felt just as special as we think he is!  
Of course Cooper's birthday of choice was, yet again, an Elephant party!  I decided to change it up a tad bit from last year and make it a circus party WITH elephants instead.  He wasn't too thrilled with the invitations and told me that all he wanted was elephants, but he was SO excited later on to have a CIRCUS birthday!

 The weather wasn't the best, but the rain managed to hold off until the afternoon, so an 11 am party was just perfect!  It is amazing how quickly the guest list adds up when everyone has two or even three kids!  We added it up and ended up having 54 people here!!  I {mainly JOSH} was worried that we would all be stuck inside and it would be a madhouse!  Our house actually did quite well and it didn't seem crowded at all!  {I think I can safely say that our marriage was saved!  :) }
I hardly saw either of my children the whole time!  Caroline disappeared in her room, but was a great host and played with all of her friends!
 Tough guys in their elephant shirts!

 No matter how old he gets, he will always be my sweet sweet boy!! 
 …and hopefully he never loses the mama's boy in him!
 We re-used the big elephant from last year and I made elephant tails for everyone.  We played pin the tail on the elephant and the kids thought it was hilarious!

Cooper did quite well!

His comment after the next person went was "Elephants don't have 2 tails!"  Smart little boy!  :)  He sure knows his elephants!
Next we broke a clown piñata.  The kids had fun moving the string up and down as well as hitting it with the bat! 

 But the most fun was the CANDY!!!

 Cooper had a large audience and enjoyed all of the Happy Birthday attention!
 Of course he also had a lot of help blowing out his candle!!
 We all had a great time!! Thank you to all of our wonderful friends and family who helped us celebrate!

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