Spring is FINALLY here!!  I feel like we have been waiting for this for SO long lately.  We had a wonderful day of sunshine here on the first official day of spring!  I wish I could say it lasted through this weekend, but at least we got to enjoy it when we did!

Cooper decided that he wanted to get out his new water table that he had gotten for his birthday.  I was about to start cooking dinner so I figured, why not?  He was SO excited and it kept him entertained that I really didn't even think twice about watching him.  I was inside and saw his head through the window with a BIG smile!  He said "Look at me mom!!  I'm a hippo!"  He had climbed onto the table, in the water IN HIS CLOTHES!  Jeans, socks and all!  He could not have been happier!
Of course minutes before dinner was about to be ready, little miss Caroline decided she needed to join in the fun.  She at least put her swimming suit on, but they still both managed to make a mess of my windows!
 Instead of spending time drying them off and making a mess, we moved dinner outside and enjoyed the beautiful weather!!  We sure love sunshine!!

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