And #3 shall be...

Well, it is official!  Our little boy is set to arrive just 4 weeks from now and we could not be more excited!  Although we did not set out to name all of our kids "C" names, nor is that particularly my preference for all to start with the same letter, but we have decided to continue the trend and name this little one Carter Robert Botts.  Carter was another name that we both really liked from the beginning and it just seemed to be right!  Robert is my father's name and a perfect middle name for this one!  We are SO excited to meet him and I can definitely tell you, that I'm READY for him to get here!  :)  This pregnancy has been a little more difficult.  I'm older, I'm busier and I already have 2 little ones with minds of their own who both weigh around 35 pounds and like to be carried!  My body is just plain sore at night and this one kicks NON-stop!  I'm not sure what we'll be getting with a third let alone a boy!  But we are excited non-the least!  The kids keep asking me when he's going to get here!!

We had our last ultra sound at 34 weeks.  This was a little early, but I have been measuring just a tad bit on the small side.  This was no surprise, as I was small for both Caroline and Cooper as well.  He measured just a little over 5 lbs, so nothing to worry about!  He will probably be somewhere around 7ish by the time we have him.

We LOVE you Carter!!

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