Santa found us!  The kids woke up about the same time as normal however, I do think Josh and I were more excited!  It was quite a different Christmas for us, but so calm and relaxing with just the four of us.  We walked into the living room and found all of the presents from Santa unwrapped and sorted by kid.  They weren't quite sure what was happening, but pretty soon after they found their piles and wanted to play with everything!
 All Caroline asked for this year was a little, pink bunny!  And Santa didn't forget!  Santa was also the only person who managed to find a Gloria doll!!  He must truly be magic!


 Santa labeled each kid's piles with a special note.  Caroline was SO surprised to find hers written with her very own picture of Clarice!!

 Cooper LOVES basketball!  Every time he sees a hoop somewhere, he has to run up to it and wants to play!  He got his very own that now resides in his room.  This kid can entertain himself for hours!

 I'm not sure who had more fun!

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