The Birthday Boy!!

So I usually make fun of Josh for making such a big deal about separating birthdays from Christmas.  Well this year I can absolutely say, it is no fun to have a December birthday!  With so much going on around our house, it was really hard for me to focus on doing anything special for Josh turning 33!!  I was pretty busy and had to take everything one day at a time.  We ended up having Doug and Karla and Joanna up here and were able to have a nice family dinner and open presents.  Then once everything was cleaned up, we were able to celebrate Christmas with them!

It was all Caroline's idea to surprise Josh when he walked in the door.  I had gone in my bedroom and in all of the excitement, Caroline pushed Cooper right off of her stool.  So we had a little bit of crying and a little bit of confusion, but all in all, I think he was surprised!  :)
 Poor Coop!
 Josh got some help opening all of his presents!

We had such a great visit!  Thank you guys for coming up here!

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