Christmas #2!

We did finally make it to Pennsylvania!!  We arrived early on the 27th after driving through the night and Caroline did not go back to sleep at all!  She was ready to see her cousins!!  All of the kids had a great time playing and after Grami, Pop Pop and Uncle Andy arrived, we were able to celebrate Christmas once again!  There was a lot of snow outside and the kids hung out in pajamas quite a bit of the time.  Thank you von Goertz for hosting all of us and doing so much to make our Christmas special!

These two just love each other!
Let the fun begin!!

Cooper opened this umbrella first and did not want anything else!

We have not been in Hershey while Hershey Park has been open, so we had to take advantage of it this time around and go to Christmas Candy Lane.  Emma and Ellie were so excited to take us, however these Texans weren't quite sure what hit them!  It was SOOOO cold and we only lasted on several rides.  I can't say Caroline and Cooper were the only ones complaining.  However, the kids did have a great time and Cooper could not get enough of the carousel!  We will definitely be back... just in the summer!

Caroline posed proudly next to Mr. Reese!
In heaven with Uncle Andy!
Grami and Pop Pop watched from the sidelines.

The kids played so well together and loved playing with all of their new toys!
Cooper would not take these boots off!
And we even got SNOW while we were there!  LOTS of it!  Cooper was napping, but the girls got to build a big snow man and even tasted some of that cold white stuff!  I also opted to stay inside...

Emma wore Cinderella's wedding dress for Halloween this past year and ever since, it has been all Caroline has talked about.  Grami decided she needed one as well and gave it to her for Christmas.   New Year's Eve just so happens to be Aunt Mimi and Uncle Paul's wedding anniversary, so the girls dressed up in their dresses to help celebrate!  They were pretty cute little brides!

Emma introduced Caroline to her new favorite thing... MAKE UP!  These girls spent hours by themselves in Emma's room and came out quite "pretty!"  Such funny funny girls!  Can you say T.R.O.U.B.L.E.!!
And of course we couldn't go to Hershey, PA without yet another visit to Chocolate World.  These kids just can't get enough of the "Singing Cows"!  And yes, all 11 of us actually fit in 1 car!!

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