saying goodbye!

We spent the entire first weekend of December moving out of our house!  It took a lot of work, but we did it!  I never imagined you could accumulate so much stuff in 5 years!  It was a little sad to leave, but mostly we were ready!  So many memories were made in this house.  We moved in with nothing and are now leaving with a dog, 2 children, a house full of stuff and SO much love in between!  We're ready for the next chapter of our lives!  I'm sad to have left the area where we made so many friends.  Caroline and Cooper have grown up with the same group of kids since they were tiny and its sad that we won't be so close to see them almost every day.  But the good thing is, it isn't that far!

Josh and I spent Saturday night and Sunday cleaning up the house and making sure everything was out.      We thought we would end the way we came by eating Blue Fish Sushi on the floor and watching the last TCU home game!  (notice we left the tv...)  It was simply wonderful!

I think the saddest part of it all would have had to be taking down the decals in the kid's rooms.  Those rooms were all the kids had ever known and they had no idea we were leaving.  

My parents brought the kids over later that day and we were all able to run around a little bit.  The kids had a blast and were not even phased by their empty house!
Caroline's Room
Cooper in his Room
Goodbye Drayton Drive!
SO many good memories!
(Can you believe it is December 2nd and we are wearing shorts???)

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